Friday, December 28, 2007

Protect and Defend by Vince Flynn

Overview: Mitch Rapp looks into the destruction of Iran's secret nuclear weapons facility in bestseller's Flynn's predictable eighth thriller to feature the counterterrorism agent. Given the absence of any indication of either a U.S. or an Israeli air strike, Rapp takes the opportunity to persuade the U.S. administration to plot an operation to destabilize the fanatical Iranian regime by having an Iranian dissident group claim responsibility for what he suspects was an inside job by an Israeli spy. When the Iranian government sinks one of its own ships and blames the U.S., Rapp and CIA chief Irene Kennedy travel to Iraq to try to defuse the crisis, only to fall victim to an ambush that results in Kennedy's abduction. Rapp races the clock to rescue his boss before she's tortured into revealing what she knows.

My review: OK so Mitch is predictable but I still love him anyway. I've devoured this series since I started it in the middle of '07. Now that the newest Mitch Rapp thriller has come to an end I'll have to wait a whole year to catch up with Mitch and gang.

Now ladies if you haven't already been introduced to Mitch Rapp I suggest you stop by and get acquainted. Mitch is Harrison Ford playing Jack Ryan in a Clancy thriller only he's a bit younger, sexier (and Harrison is sexy), more brash and straight forward. Underneath that hardened black-OPS exterior Mitch has a heart of gold and cares deeply about those he's close to which aren't many.

Mitch gets all the newest toys, a bit bond-ish but cool and he does some pretty imaginative things with them. He has a band of loyal Navy Seals, a few well placed friends including the President and Mitch always gets his man and occasionally a woman. Once the action starts hang on because you're in for quite a creative ride. And along the way some relevant points about politics in the US and world today.

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