Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nothing to Fear but Ferrets by Linda O. Johnston

I found myself aiming the Beamer down the San Diego Freeway towards Palms. And then cruising the street where Chad had lived. Why? Hell if I knew. But I was pretty frustrated that I couldn't just haul out some helpful facts and hand them to Noralles to get Charlotte off the hook. Maybe Yul, too. ~ Nothing to Fear but Ferrets, page 139 ~

Kendra knows that the furry ferrets her tenants keep are illegal, but she didn't realize they could be downright criminal. Nevertheless, when she finds a corpse in her renters' den, all clues point to the playful pets. The victim just happens to be dreamy Chad Chatsworth, the latest reality show sensation who has a lot of enemies both on - and off - camera. Kendra's pretty sure that all of his rivals were of the two-legged kind. Something smells funny about the supposed cause of death - and it isn't the ferrets...

This is series that I read for fun. I was a pet sitter for seven years so I identify with Kendra and her pet sitting escapades though thank heavens I haven't come across dead bodies. The book, 2nd in the series, is populated with fun, quirky, interesting characters. Kendra is forever stumbling in and out of trouble. I didn't figure who the murderer was until right before the revealing in the book. She does a respectable job of giving clues but not giving away the who done it. The books in this cozy mystery series are fun, breezy entertaining reads.


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