Saturday, March 15, 2008

Reading Journal ... Saturday, 3/15/08

Beneath a Marble Sky, page 1

Didn't write yesterday as there wasn't much to chat about. Busy with chores and such as I only have a day a week off from work due to an adjusted schedule for the next couple of months. I did finish Charmed to Death which was a fun read. I love Abby and Ophelia and enjoy the adventures they get into. I've posted my thoughts under Book Reviews - 2008.

I'm just starting Beneath a Marble Sky which is a fictionalized history the Taj Mahal and the love story surrounding it. As I know very little about this story I'm looking forward to reading this book. This is one of those places I'd love very much to visit as the building & setting is incredibly beautiful.

Score one for me. I managed to get out of Costco without buying a book. This is progress in conquering my addiction. Every time I see I book I want I think about that Kindle that will be mine by the end of the year and those TRB piles slowly melting away.


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