Thursday, March 13, 2008

Reading Journal ... Thursday, 3/13/08

Charmed To Death, page 34

I finished A Sense of the World last night. What an absolutely fascinating and compelling book. I'll be posting my thoughts about the book later today under Book Reviews - 2008. I started Charmed To Death by Shirley Damsgaard. The 2nd book in the Ophelia and Abby mystery series. A nice little cozy starring Ophelia, the 30-something librarian and her grandmother Abby. Both have magic powers it's just the Ophelia would rather not knowledge her's. This is one of those series that I read for the pure enjoyment of reading.

Browsed through the Kindle bookstore at Amazon just to see if I could justify buying one towards the end of this year. I wanted to see if they carried any of the books from authors whose series I've started in traditional print and would switch to in Kindle format. For the few I looked up I'm happy to say I can continue reading without having to buy traditional books. I still need more time to browse and really check out the selection. I'm sure the longer I hold off the more Kindle books will be added to the back lists. Goodie for me.


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