Monday, May 12, 2008

Reading Journal ... Monday, 5/12/08

The Sex Lives of Cannibals (Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific), page 30

Now tell me who could resist a book with sex and cannibals in title? I love travelogues. If I can't physically travel there then what better way is there to go then through a book. I'm starting chapter 4 this morning and already I've laughed more in the first 30 pages then I laughed at a book in a long, long time. They've barely gotten out of the states and the grand mis-adventure has begun.

Just finished Some Like It Hot Buttered by Jeffrey Cohen for the Yahoo! book group Cozy First Mysteries. It's a new series with, I believe, lots of potential. It contains movie references so it helps if one is a movie buff especially comedy, black and whites at that. Movie trivia aside I enjoyed the book and didn't figure out the villains until the main character did it for me.


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