Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reading Journal ... Wednesday, 5/14/08

The Sex Lives of Cannibals (Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific), page 109

This book is absolutely a riot. It's one of those books that when you read it in public you better be prepared for people turn and look because you're laughing hysterically and just can't help yourself. Even the smallest situation in the hands of J. Maarten Troost becomes one of epic portions with just right amount sensibility thrown in just so you he hasn't completely lost it. The writing is as out there as his life on Tarawa. One of those books I just can't seem to put down and pick whenever the opportunity presents itself. Sneaking paragraphs and chapters in between email and answering that dang ringing phone. Don't my co-workers know that I have something better to do. Just the table of contents alone is full of his humor and gives one a taste of what's to come if you choose to step inside this adventure.

The scene where he encounters the shark while swimming off the reef, actually Tarawa' version of a bath after cleaning the water tanks, is priceless and well worth the money paid for this gem.

A sample of what's to come:

Chapter One
In which the Author expresses some Dissatisfaction with the State of his Life, ponders briefly prior Adventures and Misfortunes, and with the aid of his Beguiling Girlfriend, decides to Quit the Life that is known him and make forth with all Due Haste for Parts Unknown. ~ The Sex Lives of Cannibals (Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific), Table of Contents ~


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Hi, found your blog on LT. I'm only just making my way around to everyone's blogs. I look forward to more of your reviews :)

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Hi - I also found your blog at LT and wanted to say hello. =)

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