Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday Finds! ... 7/11/08

Once again Friday has rolled around and it's time for those gems I've come across this week to make themselves known to others.

The Accidental Santera
Irete Lazo

Bitter Sweets
Roopa Farooki

Sarah's Key
Tatiana de Rosnay


sheistoofondofbooks said...

Sarah's Key sounds great, I think I'll be reading it soon!

I posted a review of *The Genizah at the House of Shepher* this week and was told, "if you liked "Genizah", you'll like *Sarah's Key*"

All my favorite elements - history, mystery, and a personal narrative (albeit fictional).

We should check back and compare notes when we're done with it.

Tina said...

Hi Marcia: I noticed that you have the book on Chris and Dana Reeve in your widget - sigh! such a good, but sad, sad read.

I love your site.

Marie said...

I'm about to start Sarah's Key. Looks wonderful!

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