Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Little blue boxes ... have you noticed them?

So if you wandered around here at The Printed Page or over at Up For Grabs in the last week or two you probably noticed little blue boxes appearing next to the books that I've mentioned in both blogs. I think they're pretty cool and add a little somethin' for my visitors. I found book widgets while reading at Traci's Book Bag. She actually has the NY Times Bestseller List on her blog. I explored a bit more and across not only book widgets but smart links.

The little blue boxes, known as Smart Links, are better than "blue light" specials at that big chain retailer and are provided courtesy of AdaptiveBlue. AdaptiveBlue is a small, fast-growing company that allows bloggers to browse smarter. Most likely you're going to want more than just my thoughts or impressions of a book I've read or maybe you're so impressed by what I've written that you want to buy the book right now. Smart Links allow you to get all the little details just by clicking on the little blue box. Details such as purchasing this particular book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders. Maybe you'd like to Goggle the book. Find links related to the book itself or the author. Lots of goodies are available through a smart link. Click on one or two and check 'em out.

I also have installed on The Printed Page's right-hand sidebar Amazon's current bestsellers with AdaptiveBlue's book widgets. As my blogs are book oriented I've only installed book related book widgets but AdaptiveBlue also has widgets for music lovers, movie watchers and wine aficionados to name just a few.


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