Monday, July 28, 2008

Mailbox Monday

So did you mooch a book this week? Maybe you swapped one or two? The ARCs caused a flood in your mailbox and the mail carrier cruses your name! If so let us know what books you got last week.
My mailbox last week gave me Swimming With Strangers by Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum. It's a collection of short stories. I'm not really a short story kind of reader but I'll give this one a fair shake.


Alessandra said...

Hi! Last week I received "Doesn't She Look Natural?" by Angela Hunt from a giveaway I had won, and an electronic ARC of "Sweet Mandarin" by Helen Tse, which is a wonderful book!

Wendy said...

Here's what came into my home this week! I also requested Swimming With Strangers (but it hasn't come yet), so I'll be interested to read your thoughts on it!

Confuzzled Books said...

Here what I got the past week.

Susan L said...

Here's what I got last week:

Shana said...

Thanks for hosting, Marcia.

Here is my Mailbox Monday post for this week:

Marcia said...

Hi everyone~
Thanks for stopping by this week.

I have a copy of "Sweet Mandarin" coming from a fellow blogger. I'm looking forward to reading it.

I just finished "The Map Thief" and enjoyed it. I'm going back and reading her first book. I also have "Guernia" coming my way.

Confuzzled Books~
Wow! $300 to spend on books. Makes me tingle all over. Lucky you.

Susan L~
"The Sister" seems be quite popular right now. I can't wait to read your review.

Two from your mailbox are ones I'd like to see in mine. "The Last Queen" and "First Daughter".

Anonymous said...

The only thing missing from Shana's "trifecta" is *Middle Child* (I'm making that up, of course! I just thought the juxtaposition of the titles was funny ;) )

Marcia said...

Hi Sheistoofondofbooks~
ROTFL! I hadn't even noticed that as I was so focused on titles that I want and don't have, yet that is.

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