Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Death Instinct by Bentley Little

Overview: Cathy was six when the man next door killed his wife and himself. She heard the screams. She saw the blood and the bodies. Now, 20 years later, the house is no longer vacant. Someone new has moved in. Something terrible is happening to the neighbors. And Cathy has a secret of her own...

My review: If you've read any of my previous reviews you know I love this author. Whether he's writing under his own name or another, as he was here, his horror stories are hard to beat. They're always truly twisted affairs leading the reader from one hellish situation to another. Just when you think you know what's around the next corner some trick of writing takes you down a whole other path and leads you into places you don't want to go but you just can't stop yourself. I find his books a lot of fun as I read along wondering how his characters will get themselves out of these seemingly horrible messes they've become mixed up in.

Currently I'm reading his newest, The Vanishing, as another of my challenge books.


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