Friday, January 11, 2008

May I Introduce ... Booking Through Thursday, 1/10/2008

How did you come across your favorite author(s)? Recommended by a friend? Stumbled across at a bookstore? A book given to you as a gift?

Was it love at first sight? Or did the love affair evolve over a long acquaintance?

I tend not to read books recommended by others or books that receive a lot of hype as they don't usually meet the expectations that have placed on them.

I spend a lot of time surfing book sites on the Internet, walking the stacks in bookstores and the library. Browsing the book selection at Costco. Ads in USAtoday's book section. Target's Bookmarked Breakout Books.

Cover art, and/or title, is a big draw for me when selecting books so, yes, it's usually love at first sight. If I'm reading an author for the first time and I don't like the particular book, usually due to writing style or plot line, I won't read anything else by them so there is no time for a love affair to develop.

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Anonymous said...

I love recommendations! I think that is a far more reliable way to find a good book than browsing book stores and looking at covers, etc. (although I love doing that- but it is hit and miss at best).

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