Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Wallflower Series by Lisa Kleypas

Secrets of a Summer Night
She couldn't seem to finish the sentence, her voice dwindling into bewildered silence as awareness flooded her. Never in her life had she experienced this reaction to a man. Just what this immediate sense or urgency entailed, or how to satisfy it, was far beyond the scope of her limited knowledge. All she knew was that for that moment, she had desperately wanted to continue leaning on him, a body so spare and firm as to be wholly invulnerable, providing a safe harbor as the floor shifted beneath her feet. The scent of him; clean male skin, polished leather, and the hint of starched linen, aroused her senses with pleasurable expectation. He was completely unlike the cologned and pomaded aristocrats she had been trying to ensnare during the past two seasons. ~Secrets of a Summer Night, page 11 ~

It Happened One Autumn
Closing the door, Marcus stared at Lillian, the spark in his eyes burning brighter, a smile now lurking at the corners of his lips. He looked so handsome, with his austere features lit by the mingled glow of the lamp and the hearth, that sent a sweet shiver went through her. Rather than his usual tied-and-buttoned attire, he had gone without a coat, and his white shirt was open at the throat, revealing a glimpse of smooth brown skin. She has kissed that triangular hollow at the base of it... she had let her tongue play across it... ~ It Happened One Autumn, page 314 ~

Devil in Winter
She was amazed that she had managed to communicate so well with St. Vincent, who was more than a little intimidating, with his golden beauty and wintry ice-blue eyes, a mouth made for kisses and lies. He looked like a fallen angle, replete with all the dangerous male beauty that Lucifer could devise. He was also selfish and unscrupulous, which had been proved by his attempt to kidnap his best friend's fiancee. But it had occurred to Evie that such a man would a fitting adversary for the Maybricks. ~ Devil in Winter, page 14 ~

Scandal in Spring
He knew her name. Daisy regarded him with increasing confusion. She couldn't imagine how she could have forgotten a man this attractive. His features were strong and decisively formed, too masculine to be called beautiful, too striking to be ordinary. And his eyes were the rich sky-blue of morning glories, even more than intense against the sun-glazed color of his skin. There was something extraordinary about him, a kind of barely leashed vitality that nearly caused her to take a step backward, the force of it was so strong. ~ Scandal in Spring, page 22 ~

So I read these books as a personal challenge to myself as this isn't my usual choice of reading material. This author has gotten such glowing reviews that I thought I should be fair and give her try. Shake things up in my reading world. While they were predicable, in parts, I enjoyed them and would read more from her. They were fun and a nice change from my normal day-to- day reading selections. We all need some gulity pleasure reading in our lives.


Marg said...

So, out of the four of them which was your favourite?

Lisa Kleypas is one of my favourite romance authors!

naida said...

wow, great reviews. I havent read this author yet. these sound good :) make sure to sign up for the first prize drawing if youre interested

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