Monday, January 21, 2008

Pushing Up Daisies by Rosemary Harris

"Hey, the only things I want to keep up right now are my house, my business, and my sanity. The last thing I need is another complication. Ever since the baby..." I sputtered. "Finding that body has been like having a baby." I looked around surreptitiously. "Last night Felix suggested I was locked in the greenhouse intentionally. And I got a stupid crank e-mail from someone trying to scare me. That'll teach me to leave my business card just anywhere. Now I'll have to change my e-mail address and that'll be another pain in the ass." Even I knew I was escalating into hysteria. ~ Pushing Up Daisies, pages 95-96 ~ [ARC, uncorrrected proof]

Meet Paula Holliday, a thirty-something media exec who trades her stilettos for garden clogs when she moves from New York City to suburban Connecticut to start a landscaping business. Paula can handle deer, slugs, and the occasional human pests, but she's not prepared for the mummified body she finds poking through the wild grounds of a wealthy old dowager's estate. Casual snooping turns serious when someone is impaled on a garden tool and one of Paula's friends is arrested for the crime.

Aided by a wise-cracking former colleague, the still-hot aging rocker who owns the local greasy spoon, and a sexy Mexican laborer with a few secrets of his own, Paula combines reality television tactics with a gardener's need to dig, and unearths more deadly secrets the town has kept buried for years.

This is a fun, breezy read with an appealing cast of characters. No blood and guts here just a dead body or two and plenty of amateur sleuthing in between. Some clues I figured out and some I'm sure were right in front of my eyes, literally, and I still missed them. I enjoyed spending time with the gang from Springfield and would read the second in this new series when it comes out.


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