Saturday, February 23, 2008

Reading Journal ... Saturday, 2/23/08

Reading The Silver Rose by Susan Carroll, page 483

Starting Secret of the Scroll by Chester D. Campbell

Ok, so I didn't finish The Silver Rose yesterday. I got within 20 pages of the end and kept nodding off (it was 1am) so I decided to put it down for the night. This is another good book by Susan Carroll. I was going to read The Huntress next but have decided to give myself a break from these characters and move on to something else. I'll be reading Secret of the Scroll by Chester D. Campbell. He is the featured author at Mystery Lovers Corner this month. While Mystery Lovers has chosen a different book of his I like to read series from the start so I've elected to this start with this one. I get a bit frustrated when I pick up and start reading a book only to realize that it's x in a series. I like knowing the characters and their place in the series instead of just barging in on them. I've taken to reading back covers and book jackets a bit more carefully to make sure I'm not stumbling in to middle of a series.


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