Monday, March 3, 2008

Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis

I don't like the way he says it, though. As if her cancer is helpful. Or a tool for us to use. It's not. It's something awful she has to go through. We're vultures waiting to take what might be useful. ~ Ask Again Later, page 119 ~

Emily has a tendency to live with one foot out the door. When her mother dramatically announces, "They've found a lump," Emily gladly leaves behind her career, her boyfriend, and those pesky, unanswerable questions about who she is and what she's doing with her life to be by her mother's side. But back in her childhood bedroom, Emily realizes that she hasn't run fast or far enough ~ especially when she opens the door, quite literally, to find her past staring her in the face.

If you like dysfunctional families with dysfunctional adult children from those families trying to figure how to live their lives amid the tattered ruins and get moving forward you'll most likely enjoy this book. I didn't finish (reading 120 of 244 pages). I struggled to get that far. I'd read a page or two put the book down, do something else, anything else and then try again. This just wasn't my idea of good read. Every couple of pages, or less, starts a new section. I found this very distracting. It seemed to break up whatever flow the story may have had going. It felt like transitions were missing. Disjointed and broken just like the family in this book.


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