Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Reading Journal ... Wednesday, 3/5/08

Reading Strangers in Death, page 243

Love this series. I'll be sad when I finish this book tonight as my good friends won't be back until the end of year. Ah, but I have the anthologies I bought that contain J.D. Robb short stories so those will have tide me over. Now if I can just ration them until November. It's been interesting to watch Eve's personal relationships develop throughout this series. I'd say in this book she's made considerable progress toward being truly comfortable with those closet to her including Roarke. Her softer side is starting to show a bit more and that's not necessarily a bad thing.

The March batch of Early Reviewers books is up at Librarything today and I selected three. I'll cross my fingers and see what happens. There was a good selection this time but I only choose three: historical fiction, travel stories from real travelers and a memoir about an Alaskan Bush pilot. A little bit eclectic but then so is my library if you take a peek.


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