Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reading Journal ... Saturday, 5/17/08

Patriot Hearts, page 35

This is a fictionalized story about Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison and Sally Hemings. Usually my interest in US history runs to the Civil War but I figured this would be an interesting perspective on the early years of our country from the spouses of the Founding Fathers. It is a bit confusing with so many characters.

I finished The Sex Lives of Cannibals Friday night. The book, for the most part, is an absolute riot. A laugh out loud, side splitting romp through two years of living on an atoll in the South Pacific. For such a small place lots of mis-adventures take place.

I spent most of yesterday re-formatting my blog. The ER group at Librarything started a book blog web ring thread which lead to several of us adding blog links to our own sites. As I only had a 2-column blog I felt I needed a 3-column blog to accommodate all these links. It was a bit of an adventure as I'm not the slightest bit HTML savvy. It was easy to update to 3-columns thanks to Blogcrowds. The hard part was updating the color scheme to the look I was currently using. That's where being HTML savvy would have come in very handy. If anybody had stopped by during that process they would have thought I was on some serious mind altering drugs. I had to turn all text and tags outrageous colors and then work my way back to a pleasing color scheme.

This same group has also started a new group meme on Tuesdays which I didn't participate in this week. I'm a bit behind but look forward to joining next week.


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