Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Whole Truth by David Baldacci

The Whole Truth
David Baldacci
Grand Central Publishing
416 pages

"Dick, I need a war."
~ First sentence, The Whole Truth ~

Nicolas Creel is a man on a mission. He heads up the world's largest defense contractor, The Ares Corporation. Dick Pender is the man Creel retains to "perception manage" his company to even more riches by manipulating international conflicts. But Creel may have an even grander plan in mind.

Shaw, a man with no first name and a truly unique past, has a different agenda. Reluctantly doing the bidding of a secret multi-national intelligence agency, he travels the globe to keep it safe and at peace.

Willing to do anything to get back to the top of her profession, Katie James is a journalist who has just gotten the break of a lifetime: the chance to interview the sole survivor of a massacre that has left every nation stunned.

I loved this book. A gripping page-turner start to finish. From the minute Nicholas declares he needs a war to very end where Shaw and Katie have done their best to prevent Nicholas' war there is a whole roller coaster ride in between. One minute you think "Ok we've got 'em" then "they've slipped away again." Around every corner is another twist to the story. Watch out for the character(s) you least expect because they just might be the ones you should be watching closely. With society today being spoon fed what those in power want us to believe and manipulating the media to fit their needs I could envision some, if not all, of this happening. This is David Baldacci at the top of his game. I enjoy reading Mr. Baldacci's work and this is one of his finest. If you're a fan of Vince Flynn and his leading character Mitch Rapp you might just want to give Shaw a try.

Hopefully Shaw, Katie and Frank will be back for an encore just as he's done with the Camel Club.


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