Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Intuition by Allegra Goodman

Allegra Goodman
Dial Press
400 pages

This intimate portrait of life in a research institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, revolves around a scientific mystery: the groundbreaking, too-good-to-be-true discovery of a virus that fights cancer. Cliff, the rakish, headstrong post-doc responsible for the discovery, is on the verge of dismissal when his tumor-ridden mice exhibit stunning rates of remission; meanwhile, Cliff's co-worker and former girlfriend, spurred by personal and professional jealousy, begins to harbor suspicions about his lab work.

This was fairly enjoyable read overall. The premise of the story and the look inside the world of medical research was interesting though the book did have some downfalls for me. First, I wish the discovery of the flawed data hadn't been tied into the doomed personal relationship between Cliff and Robin. I feel the story would have been better served if another character, without a strong personal relationship, had pursued the flawed data. Secondly the ending. I actually disliked the ending a great deal. For me the story just stopped dead and left me wondering if all the pages of the book were there. I felt like some vital piece of the story had been left out.

It's a light, fast read and if you're looking for vacation book this just might fit the bill.


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