Friday, June 13, 2008

Tuesday Thingers... Thursday thoughts on Friday

Well here I am once again taking my weekly stroll through the Tuesday Thingers posts on Friday. My goal is to do this on Thursdays but life seems to take over on the first day of my weekend. The call center industry work week isn't tailored to a traditional M-F work week. This week's question was about tagging and not as in "tag ... you're it"

Marie at The Boston Bibliophile hosts Tuesdays Thingers. For those who missed the question here it is: do you tag? How do you tag? How do you feel about tagging- do you think it would be better to have standardized tags, like libraries have standardized subject headings, or do you like the individualized nature of tagging? What are your top 5 tags and what do they say about your collection or your reading habits?

So 29 LTers participated this week (yes, I read every comment) and we seem to be all over the board with tagging or not. Some are compulsive taggers and have multiple tags per single book. The compulsive taggers tag for things such as time & place, country of origin, author gender, year read, location in the (physical) library, genre, sub-genre, owned, borrowed, loaned, et cetera. Others of us tag very generally. We usually include just a tag, or maybe, two such as fiction, mystery, YA, fantasy, ER/ARC, TBR, owned, et cetera and call it good. And yet others don't tag or tag when they remember to and then very loosely.

We did seem to reach a consensus when it came to standardized tags: Not particularly interested in those. Most though not everyone liked the idea of individual tags and the freedom to tag as fits our own libraries and styles. If you tag it seems to say a lot, or little, about the books in your library, your reading tastes and, yes, you as an individual. A few thought standardized tags would be nice and could get an individual started with tagging, especially if there was a drop down list to choose from that might contain say, maybe, the 100 most popular tags at Librarything.


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