Monday, July 7, 2008

Before I Wake: A Novel by Robert J. Wiersema

Before I Wake: A Novel
Robert J. Wiersema
St. Martin's Griffin
336 pages
Book provided by St Martin's Reading Group Gold

How do you hold a moment, knowing that it is the last? How do you take in enough to last you through a lifetime of absence? How do you remember enough to see you through?
~ Karen, Before I Wake, page 44 ~
(having lost my father 11 years ago these 3 simple sentences touched me)

After an unthinkable tragedy happens, an unbelievable miracle begins. . . Three-year-old Sherry is the adored only child of Simon and Karen Barrett. But when Sherry is critically injured in a hit-and-run accident, the fault lines in the Barretts' marriage begin to show. As her parents' marriage falls apart, it is discovered that Sherry has miraculous healing powers. As word of Sherry’s powers spread, her parents must decide how best to shelter their daughter and help the many sick and dying who are drawn to her side. At the same time, a larger battle is brewing-- one that has been raging for two thousand years, and one that might yet claim the lives of Sherry and her family.

Even after having finished this book several days ago I'm still having trouble deciding what to write. For the most part I enjoyed this book. The story lines dealing the Sherry, her accident and subsequent healing powers and the battle between good and evil were probably the most interesting. While I won't debate religion with others I am interested in their take on it. I felt the author handled the subject without shoving it down the reader's throat. I could have done without the marriage angst between the Barretts. In fact I felt that took away from the story.

It's light, fast-paced read and deserves to at least make it into your beach bag.

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Great feedback! I also really enjoyed this book, and although delving into marriage issues in the midst of a child in a coma may seem insubstantial, i think the author aptly displayed how tragedies can bring out one's humanity, no matter how deeply they attempt to hide it.

The printed page said...

Hi Joe ~
Thank you for stopping by today and visiting my blog. I appreciate your taking the time to visit. You're right he did a credible job of handling the subject matter and was fair to all parties involved though the Barretts' were having issues in their marriage before Sherry's accident. I still can't place exactly why that part of the story line didn't appeal to me. I'd be willing to give this author another try when he has a new book published.

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