Monday, July 7, 2008

Scene of the Grime by Suzanne Price

Scene of the Grime (A Grime Solvers Mystery)
Suzanne Price
256 pages

I was crouched on an expensive Oriental rug under an antique walnut table outside Mr. Monahan's room, thinking.
~ First sentence, Chapter 1, and so begins Scene of the Grime ~

In her mid-30s and recently widowed, Sky Taylor left the big city for Pigeon Cove, a hamlet off the Massachusetts coast. Sky is re-adapting to single life-with a newspaper column and her knack for creative cleaning increasingly in demand. Then she discovers a patron of the Millwood Inn permanently checked-out.

Now Sky's juggling the police chief's questions with advances from the newest-and handsomest-crime reporter in town. But if she wants to clear her name, she has some scouring to do.

This was just an OK cozy mystery for me. Nothing special to write home about. My favorite character was Skiball the cat and he didn't play a very big part. None of the characters really jumped out and grabbed me. They didn't entice me to come back and visit again. I didn't think that the "character" of the murder victim was in keeping with the story. Also, too bad the murder wasn't related to his book collecting as much as it was related to his previous line of work. If the second in the series ever comes out in Kindle format I might wander over but not any time soon. Only makes the so-so section of my reading list for this year.

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