Saturday, July 19, 2008

Reading Journal ... catching my breath ... July Blowout Challenge update #7

It's been rather busy here between The Printed Page and Up For Grabs. A good kind of busy but busy so I thought I'd take this time to catch up and see how much I've accomplished over the last 6 weeks or so.

1 ~ Up For Grabs (UFG) is starting to take off. A small, loyal following of supporters are helping to spread to word and I truly appreciate them. UFG is holding it's first book giveaway in some shameless site promotion. The book is The Heretic's Daughter. There's also a bonus of an Amazon gift card if you enter, win and blog about either the book giveaway or UFG itself.

2 ~ I also started a new book event called Mailbox Monday (this link takes you to post from Monday 7/14). I know there are plenty of book events we participate in throughout the week but Monday was looking lonely and because Mondays seem to be the most dreaded day of the week I wanted to bring some fun to the start of our week.

There's nothing better than venturing out to your mailbox and finding books! We all love books especially those we've won through a giveaway or requested as an ARC. I won't have books to list every Monday but that doesn't mean that one of you hasn't gotten some little gem in the last week.

So if you've gotten some book love from the postal service, UPS, Fed Ex, Amazon or wherever in the last week let everyone know. You can post a comment with either a link to your blog and just leave the book titles.

Just today, Saturday, I got some book love in the mail but you won't find out what it is unless you check Mailbox Monday next week.

3 ~ July Book Blowout Challenge status. First off it's hosted by Mrs S over at Blue Archipelago. My personal goal was to read 13 books for the month of July. We're halfway through the month and I've read 8-1/2 books for a total of 2,861 pages and I'll be starting book #9 tonight. I'm doing much better than I anticipated given everything I have going on.

4 ~ I just realized I never posted June's stats after looking at my July update. For the month of June I read 10 books, no DNFs and 4,387 pages. See why I had to challenge myself to 13 books for July. My average is 10-12 a month so I had to set July's goal high.

I don't think there's much else books going on in my world so I'll sign off for today get back to reading.

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