Monday, July 21, 2008

Mailbox Monday

Once again Monday is upon us and it's time to check those mailboxes. What did the mail carrier bring you last week? Maybe an ARC you forgot you requested? That giveaway book you won a month or so ago? Something you've been craving from Amazon?

My Mailbox Monday brought me two books this week.

1 ~ The Map Thief by Heather Terrell
2 ~ Soul by Tobsha Learner

Sorry I can't include book covers and links but Amazon is refusing to cooperate.


Shana said...

Here is a link to my Mailbox Monday post:


Alessandra said...

Last week I received in the mail a review copy of "Mrs Lieutenant", courtesy of the author Ms Zimbler Miller, and a copy of "All ABout Lulu" from a giveaway I had won. Both books look really good!

Elizabeth said...

My post is up!

This is such a fun idea!

avisannschild said...

Here's a link to my Mailbox Monday post:

avisannschild said...

Hi again,

Trying this again, with an actual link to my post this time!

Confuzzled Books said...

Here is my post

The printed page said...

First of all thank you to everyone who stopped by "Mailbox Monday" today. I just love seeing what gems you're all getting your hand on and watching my Amazon wishlist get even more out of control.

Hi Shana~
"Beat the Reaper" showed up last week also and I added to my wishlist at Amazon. Must be an ARC giveaway somewhere I overlooked. Also I've added "Daughter of Silk" to that same wishlist.

Hi Alessandra~
Thanks for stopping by again this week. I added one of your books from last week to my Amazon wishlist.

Hi Elizabeth~
I see you posted "Sweet Mandarin" for "Monday Mailbox." I can't wait to get my hands on this one. Thanks for offering to send it my way. Now I'll get the pleasure of posting it here.

Hi Avisannschild~
It'll be interesting for me to read your review of "So Long At The Fair" because I didn't finish "Drowning Ruth." It just wasn't my cup of tea.

Hi Confuzzled Books~
I agree with Elizabeth as I also love your blog background. You and I have very different reading tastes which is why I find "Mailbox Monday" so fun. I just love seeing what others read.

Susan L said...

Here's Mine:

Marcia said...

Hi Susan~
Thanks for dropping by. Looks like it was classic authors and books for you this last week.

trish said...

I saw this someplace else and didn't realize YOU started this. I *might* remember to do this...but I love the idea! Love it love it love it!

Marcia said...

Hi Trish~
Yep, it's me. I hide out in the darnest places. Stop by next Monday and visit with us!

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