Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reading Journal ... the latest from the library

The Innocent
Posie Graeme-Evans
432 pages
Historical fiction
1st in a trilogy
My impression: started slowly almost to the point of boring but picked up speed towards the end. I'll most likely read the second book.

The Warriors, Book 1: Into The Wild
Erin Hunter
288 pages
Young adult, fantasy
1st in The Warriors series
My impression: I don't read much, if any, young adult or fantasy outside of Harry Potter. I've wanted to read this series for a while now as my manor has 7 kittypets and 1 clan member. Loved it and plan to read everything in all three Warrior series, four if you include the Manga books.


Marg said...

I read The Innocent a while ago, and hated the first half of the book, but really liked the second half of the book. I ended up reading the second book and really liked that as well. I own the third book but have not read it yet.

Jeane said...

I found the Warriors series disappointing.

The printed page said...

Hi Marg ~
At least it wasn't just me disliking the first 1/2. I almost gave up but stuck it out. After your visit I have more hope for the 2nd then I did initially.

The printed page said...

Hi Jeane ~
I went into The Warriors without high expectations as I knew it was written for the 6 to 9 age group. I did enjoy the 1st book and I'm hoping it carries over to the rest of the series. Only reading them will tell.

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