Thursday, July 17, 2008

Reading Journal ... blogging and books

Over the past several months something had been bothering me regarding my reading and I wasn't sure exactly what it might. Just a niggling feeling that something was off. Maybe it was my reading selections ~ were they all running along the same genre, was there not enough variety? Maybe it was the pressure to read X number of books in a year ~ I had signed up for a lot of challenges and book-a-week group and this from a person who is not a goalsetter. I never have been nor do I ever intend to be one. Maybe it was feeling like just more thing I have to do along with everything else in my life. The top 3 biggies, of course, being working, eating, sleeping but in addition there are chores, blogging, getting the shows cleared off the DRV and this daily thing called living. Now was I going to let reading become just another thing on my mental to do list? Then it came to me ~ after reading all these wonderful book blogs from very talented people I was feeling pressure, self-imposed, I can assure you that I needed to come up with something insightful to post on my blog about all these books I was devouring. I mean why else blog, especially if it's out there for public consumption, unless you have something to say, really say?

I realized I was letting my blog get the upper hand. Letting my posts interfere with my reading pleasure. This blog started out as one thing and morphed into something else, taking on a life of it's own. Now I'm not a writer, that's my big brother's job and his blog is a sad thing to behold, (forgive your little sister please! I'll offer bribes next time I come visit) and I'm pretty certain that if an English teacher or two got a hold of my blog posts that they'd grammatical shred them. They'd also break down my thoughts and impressions about the books I read just to make sure I'd covered all the relevant points so that my readers could make informed decisions. I never set out the write book reviews. There are plenty of bloggers who do an outstanding job of it already. This was just a place I would use a reading journal to give my brain a little tap and remind myself what a book I'd read was about. Maybe it's just a matter of the semantics, or is that syntax, that I use for labeling some of my blog posts (book reviews). So for now I'm changing how I post to suit where I am in this blogging world. I'm also finding that I don't always have something to say about every book I read. Just maybe I want my reading to be for reading's sake and not because there's an underlying motive.

Yes, it's still a book blog ~ my book blog. It won't be going under drastic changes, no major overhaul. Just minor adjustments, baby steps. I'm giving myself permission to change course and see where the path takes me. The only thing I hoping to accomplish is getting back to reading purely for pleasure.

That's it for the pity partying this week. Two pity party posts are quite enough. I don't usually hold pity parties but I just needed to get a couple of things cleared out my brain so I could move past 'em. Done!



Lori Thornton said...

I don't try to do "hard-core" reviews of the books I read either. I could if I wished to do so, but I'd rather give a reaction to what I've read and talk about whether or not I enjoyed it. I'm like you. There are some books that I just don't have a lot to say about. My blog is a lot more than books, but if blogging becomes a chore instead of fun, then it's time to make a change.

The printed page said...

Hi Lori ~

Thanks for stopping by. Once I wrote that post, released the stress and picked up my current book I started enjoying it instead of thinking of it as a chore. The joy is back in reading and blogging as simple as a single blog post.

justareadingfool said...

First, I discovered you through The Sunday Salon, in case you're wondering from where I'm coming.

Second, there are no rules as far as I know to be a blogger about books, and there shouldn't be any pressure to write. I'm in agreement with Lori: it should be fun and not a chore. Also why are we reading anyway? Just to tally another 100 or 200 books read in a year? Personally, I'm not in it for the numbers. If the books you're reading aren't affecting you, then what's the point?

The printed page said...

Hi Just A Reading Fool ~
Thanks for stopping by today. You're right about why one might read. I'm sure someone might feel compelled to read to complete a challenge or two they've sign up for. Personally my reading has always been for pleasure until I started to let it get the best of me. I changed directions and now that pleasure is back.

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