Monday, July 14, 2008

A very big apology to readers of The Printed Page

To those of you who have stopped by and left a comment here at The Printed Page over the last few months my humblest apologies are being offered here to you. I've broken a major rule of blogging and I think I've always known that. I just didn't know what the proper etiquette was, and, still, most often, is. Except for one person in my immediate world who blogs very little I have no one around who blogs nor reads blogs so I've been stumbling blindly trying to figure out the many pieces of this pie that make up blogging and blogging etiquette.

I truly haven't meant to ignore your comments nor offend you. I didn't understand the proper form of response and had no one close to ask for help. I've tried tracking down email addresses and responding that way. I've gone to blogs to look for appropriate posts to respond on and feel uncomfortable responding on just any post. I didn't realize it was proper to respond by leaving a reply to your comment on my post. I'm mending my ways and ask, in advance, forgiveness if I step on toes somewhere in my blogging journeys.


Elizabeth said...

Hon, you can read my blog and never comment as much as you want. =) I'm not very good at commenting either, but I want you to know that I am reading and enjoying your blog, even if I don't talk to you that much.

The printed page said...

Hi Elizabeth ~
Thank you for the kind words and support. You can be sure that I'll be stopping by and visiting your blog. Might I know you from Up For Grabs?

Lori said...

Oh dear, I must be in big trouble too because I rarely respond to comments left on my blog, and I rarely comment on the book blogs I read, ROTFLOL! I'm commenting to say that you certainly wouldn't have offended me. I really don't expect comments so I just always assume other's didn't expect comments from me - after all, my blog is really just reviews and a record of the books I read.

sheistoofondofbooks said...

Don't be so hard on yourself ... I think we're all learning, some are just further along in the curve.

I don't reply to my Comments as soon as I get them; I try to set aside some time at the end of each day to respond. Else I'd be at this computer all day, when I should be outside playing :)

The printed page said...

Hi She Is Too Fond Of Books ~
Yep, I'm my own worst critic (LOL). Now that I know responding on my own blog is the "proper" thing to do once a day will work for me. I miss my books.

The printed page said...

Hi Lori~
Actually somewhere I stumbled across that replying to comments left on your blog is a way of having a "conversation" with your readers. Little did I know. This has been quite the learning experience for me and everyone has been really nice and extremely helpful.

Bree said...

I didnt know you were suppose to respond via comments either. I've always responded via the person's email. I typically forget where I've left a comment so I never go back to see if they have responded. I thought everyone responded via email. Ooops.

The printed page said...

Hi Bree ~
I didn't realize it either until I started really paying attention to the all the blogs I was reading and looking at the comments section. An interesting learning process to say the least. I'm sure responding by email works just as well though I wasn't always able to track down an email address.

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