Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Reading Journal ... Tuesday, 2/26/08

Reading The Huntress by Susan Carroll, page 174

I'm absolutely loving this author's work. I did notice that the author mentions that Meg's room was "tricked" out. While I'm sure her room was "tricked" out I'm not sure it is a term they would have used in the late 1500s. I chuckled a bit when reading that.

It's good thing she has a back list of books. As the Twilight Queen doesn't come out until early '09 I'll have to read some of her other works every couple of months to tide me over. I'm hoping her earlier works as a good as her "Daughters of the Earth" series. It's not like I don't have a large selection to choose from in the mean time. Those TBR piles are populating like bunnies and now that spring is here...

I just love coming home to mail that is something besides junk or bills. I got A Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith. I bought this at Amazon with gift $$$ so I'm not guilty of spending hard earned money on this one. Actually I feel like I stole it. I paid .75 cents for the book itself + $4 shipping, originally a $17 book. The book is in great condition. The person before me treats their books the same way I do ~ with loving care. Dog-earred corners and other harsh treatment drives me nuts. I guess that's probably why I buy books new. I like to leave my books looking pristine when I'm done. I believe in treating books with great care. No breaking spines, no dog-earring pages, no spills or stained pages, no bent or torn covers. They are my treasure and should be treated as such.

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Marg said...

A Rose for the Crown is another very entertaining read.

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