Thursday, March 20, 2008

Reading Journal ... Thursday, 3/20/08

The Russian Concubine, page 180

I'm enjoying this book just not getting as much read as I'd like. It's not the book, it's life. I have two days off this week so hopefully I'll be able to devote some time to reading. Tonight is book club but we've invited the spouses to join us so there definitely won't be any book talk. That's Ok! I DNF'd it, Stef didn't read it and I'm not sure about Jill and Dana.

Well I spent my Borders book card and picked up books that won't, most likely, be converted to Kindle books. They're books in mystery series I'm currently involved in so no guilt "buying" these books. I also didn't want to waste my gift card just because I want a Kindle. I know it's adding to the TBR piles but they'll get read. I bought: Witches' Bane by Susan Wittig Albert; The Fright of the Iguana by Linda O. Johnston; Murder on Mulberry Bend & Murder on Marble Row by Victoria Thompson.


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